Really Good Food

4 Recipes and Tips for Keeping Healthy Dinners Delicious

Bon Appetit spoke with Chef Nate Appleman, who Lost 85 Pounds by cooking really good food for himself and his family. Appleman, winner of the James Beard Rising Star Chef of the Year Award in 2009, is currently the Director of Culinary at Chipotle. Yes, that Chipotle. But his home cooking and advice isn’t just a list of burrito fillings. His approach is “everything whole fat, whole food, nothing processed.”

The key to pulling it off, says Appleman, is “striking a balance between healthy and delicious.” Each meal should be a mix of protein, produce, and grains, and the flavors should be balanced.

Appleman also believes that “seeing is part of eating,” and his work lends itself well to Instagram.

Read: How Chef Nate Appleman Lost 85 Pounds with Really Good Food

Here’s more good eats from back in Appleman’s A16 days, though you’ll need to apply your own judgement around nutrition. Hey, it’s all about balance, right?

Purchase: A16: Food + Wine

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