8 Benefits of Champagne

Here’s to the Champs

We like to make a point of highlighting the good in the world – and learning that something as magical as champagne is not killing you slowly has to top the list. Lifehack made our week with the article Cheers To That! 8 Unexpected Benefits Of Champagne. 🍾 Here’s a quick summary:

  1. Studies show it can improve spatial memory
  2. Contains fewer calories than wine
  3. Champagne flute lends itself to a smaller serving size
  4. Bubbles mean you drink slower and are satisfied sooner
  5. Is antioxidant rich and equally heart healthy as red wine ❤️
  6. Hypothesized as benneficial to short term memory
  7. Begs for a fruit pairing, which would up the flavonoids
  8. 1-7 apply to cheaper alternatives like Prosecco (which I think we can all agree we sometimes prefer)

…Champagne is surprisingly more beneficial than one would think–so long as you don’t go overboard. Next time you’re at brunch, have yourself a cheeky mimosa and explain to your friends…

Given these wondrous results, you probably want to work champagne into your routine on the regular. Here’s a good read that can get you matching with meals in no time!

Purchase: PAIRED – Champagne & Sparkling Wines. The food and wine pairing recipe book for everyone.

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